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If you live in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area and are looking for top-notch summer tennis training look no further.  Coach Slezak personally directs a camp for beginners to advanced players at the Fox Chapel High School Tennis Complex. The camp provides high quality tennis training and athletic skill development.  Additionally, we focus on developing an athlete’s character through the training.  We do our best to put into action Coach Kriese’s famous saying “Athletes are in the process of winning or losing each day of their life, and it has little to do with an actual win or loss.”

Camp dates for 2017 are June 19th – August 11th.  CLICK HERE to view the camp flyer and register your son or daughter.

Tennis camp has grown tremendously over the past 5 years and last year we reached near full capacity especially in the intermediate and advanced groups.  If you plan on attending please register your son or daughter early to avoid any conflicts and allow me to best plan for an excellent experience.

***New Carpool***

Also new his year is a carpool to make it easier to get around.  A few parents wanted to make it easier to coordinate rides with everyone.  If you are interested click the link below and add your information and/or reach out to contact someone near you.

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9 thoughts on “Summer Camp

  1. Carol Tenny

    My teenager is a student at Fox Chapel High School, going on 16 and going into her junior year. She has never done any tennis but is interested to try. Do you have any options for her? It looks like you summer camp does not have a place for teenagers who are beginners.

    Thank you.

  2. Monica Dargan

    Hello !
    I have 2 daughters ages 6 and 9. They are both beginner tennis players. My questions are :
    1) is your program for fox chapel residents only ?
    2) Do they have to do the entire 6 weeks ?
    3) what would be the timings of the camp ?
    4) could you share the cost of the camp as well .

    Thank you!

  3. Denise Ham

    I have two daughters, age 14 and 16. They played tennis for the first time last year for their hiigh school team. They developed some of the basics but they are in need of more instruction for basics and intermediate rather than advanced technique. We are interested in your program but not sure they would fit in the advanced category. What do you recommend?

  4. Stephanie

    Hi Alex. My question is the same as the other posts—my son is 15 and has taken a few lessons in the past, but would fall into an intermediate category rather than advanced. Could you tell me what you recommend?

  5. Ariel Shensa

    Hi my son is 10 and has taken lessons in the past but not played recently. Which group would you recommend? Do I need to register ahead of time or can we drop-in.
    Ariel Shensa


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