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My friend Frank Giampaolo coaches tennis in Southern California and his work there is nothing short of amazing!  He has helped 71 Juniors win USTA National titles and many of his players have gone on to play on the WTA and ATP tours.  He has composed an eBook, The Tennis Parent’s Bible, which is a absolute must read for any parents of tournament players and all tennis coaches.  I have personally read this book several times and it is an outstanding resource.


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Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz is a genius when it comes to training strength, power, speed, and flexibility with elastic resistance.  He also manufactures the best bands I have ever utilized.  I personally use these unique bands to train both my clients and myself.  I partnered with to share access to this great product with you.



The International Youth Conditioning Association is the premier authority for education surrounding the development of youth athletes.  The IYCA brings the information of the best and the brightest coaches in the world to you through intensive certification courses and other unique products.  If you want to become a better coach start learning from the IYCA.  By the way also check out my book The Physical Education Revolution, which the IYCA published.



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Prograde Nutrition is my personal supplement company of choice.  I partnered with them for two main reasons.  First, their products are top-notch.  Second, they treat their customers the right way.

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